100.000 QSO’s

The team is happy to have reached the milestone of 100 thousand QSOs. The group is about to conclude activities to prepare for returning home. The vertical antennas are already being dismantled and in the early afternoon the rest of the antennas too. The hope is to have given many a new country.

Official Team photo

There are just a few hours left until the end of the operations. As always, the team dedicates a few minutes to capture moments dedicated to the many sponsors…

All is ok on Cameroon

All antennas is ready , we try today also 6mt for short time. Tomorrow try for more time 6mt on 50313 ! Time to time electricity going down , generator start by we not have connection for log online Sorry for this. See you in pile up

start operation !

the Team leader, IZ8CCW announces that they are ready for the first operations on 40 meters 7005 telegraphy (CW).

landed in Cameroon

The TJ9MD team has landed in Cameroon and is heading towards the site of operations. The hope is that they will be able to activate the first stations during the next few hours. .During the journey that took them to the area of ??operations the bus stopped due to the heavy rain that was raging …

Pirate station

The station carrying out operations with the callsign TJ9MD in FT8 mode is a pirate station. the team is in flight and has not yet reached the pre-established location to begin operations. Be very careful

Press release n.2

There’s very little time left, everything is ready to go, this year has really suffered from numerous setbacks and reorganisations, but we’re here. TJ9MD will take off on November 2nd to be operational, hopefully on the 3rd night with a couple of stations and then start assembling the entire setup on November 4th! as always …