atest news from Gil, after the typhoon that knocked out all the antennas, and the early departure of the ship, Gil decided to pass QRT. the hope of returning with a team soon to be able to satisfy Spratly’s request. Thanks to those who linked him, he’s sorry for the many colleagues who failed and …

Bad news from Spratly

bad news the little typhoon passed over spratly tonight damaged all the antennas, Gil is working on restoring them

FT8 time

often the time in ft8 on is accurate, sorry but not always having the network it is not possible to always update it.

NEWS #005

made with wire found a dipole for 40 meters, it’s not very high, but we hope it works!

NEWS #004 – not low bands at moment

considering ATTI’s request and seeing the antenna system in RX missing, Gil has decided not to operate for the moment from 40 , 80 and 160 for giving the possibility from 6 to 30 meters to make one QSO.

we arrived

we arrived spratly, at the moment we are not in our post, we have a makeshift antenna set up to make some QSOs. tomorrow (May 1st) we will assemble the antennas, until day 2nd we will only have electricity from 00z to 15z. we hope to have the possibility to use a generator from day …

we are almost there

for a number of reasons DX0NE will be active from 30 April to 9 May, the only operator 4F2KWT, Gil, the internet connection is not present 24/7 on the island la momenot, the lgo will be updated one or more times a day.