atest news from Gil, after the typhoon that knocked out all the antennas, and the early departure of the ship, Gil decided to pass QRT. the hope of returning with a team soon to be able to satisfy Spratly’s request. Thanks to those who linked him, he’s sorry for the many colleagues who failed and for those who linked some “prankster” in ft8. It closes with a total of 11429 qsos, unique Callsign n.3923.

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    Thanks for trying, Gil. CUL.

  2. Tu a lor for dxpedition … Thanks a lot for NEW BANDS .. i hope you all the best
    73 de PY7DJ

  3. Gil, congratulations on your courage to activate a rather rare radio entity.
    Your activity will remain in the history of amateur radio.
    Thank you for your patience in giving me ATNO digital satisfaction.
    Courage, dear Gil, and… let’s move on!

  4. Hi Gil,
    Tried working you everytime I heard you but no luck on SSB or CW. I thought I did have a 17 mtr CW QSO but turns up NIL. However I did make one FT8 QSO with you for my first DIGTAL contact with Spratly. I do have Spratly cfm’d from the many previous DXpeditions there. Lets just hope the Chinese don’t take over the island like other nearby islands and turn it into one of their molotary bases so no more Ham Radio.

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